How to Turn Paper Napkins Into Tile Coasters

Getting pleasant get-togethers with all your relatives and buddies is always a fantastic time. Regardless of whether you might be receiving alongside one another for a holiday, a Particular event similar to a infant shower or wedding day shower, or merely an enjoyable summertime barbecue You usually have leftovers. And by leftovers I indicate ornamental paper plates and napkins. When you have a celebration for that Fourth of July you may have pink, white and blue decor and If you have a child shower, you might have rather pastel hues and napkins. You won't need to throw these napkins out. Make use of a recycling strategy and craft a coaster out of these. That is such a neat craft. You do not even have to make it simply to recycle, but you can make it for the exciting gift too.

Here is what you'll need:

* Mod Podge

* A Sq. Tile dimensions of one's preference

* Paintbrush

* Ornamental Napkin

* Polyurethane

You start out by using your Mod Podge and brushing it everywhere in the tile, such as the sides. Then you consider your rather napkin (just one layer) and Middle the impression onto the tile. You then press the napkin throughout so it sticks towards the Mod Podge. You try this along the perimeters also. Should you end up getting wrinkles Animal Coasters or maybe the napkin just isn't straight, that is certainly Alright, it just provides it extra definition and style. Following five minutes or for a longer time, you may tear away the additional elements of the napkin on all sides. If you don't want the napkin to stay on the sides since you tore one thing unevenly, you are able to sand it down which means you no more see the napkin. Again, That is your choice.

In spite of everything This can be completed you'll be able to use three coats of polyurethane, obviously You must Enable it dry concerning Each and every layer to start with. When that is definitely dry you'll be able to apply a bit of cork or felt on the opposite side on the tile. This will likely enable keep away from scratches with your desk if the coaster is in use. Once more, when all dry, relaxation your cold glass in your new coaster.

You can also make some actually entertaining coasters based upon what napkins you've got. You can utilize your leftover Fourth of July napkins to help make coasters to your next 4th occasion or You need to use your baby shower napkins for your "Welcome to the earth" gift for mommy.

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